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Mount Washington Hotel Weddings by Stephanie Wales Creative Imagery
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NH November Wedding {Mt. Washington Hotel Wedding} in the White Mountains of NH: Tom & Dave

Tom & Dave had a relaxed celebration At The Omni Mount Washington Resort that was all about their love, their family, and their friends. We had a gorgeous (70 degrees)! mid-November day. Thank you Tom & Dave-Congrats!

tom-100 tom-101 tom-103 tom-104 tom-106 tom-107

Ivy & Aster Floral design ——>tom-109 tom-110 tom-112 tom-113 tom-115 tom-117 tom-114 tom-118 tom-119 tom-123 tom-124 tom-125 tom-126 tom-127 tom-129 tom-131 tom-132 tom-122


NH Fall Foliage Wedding in the NH White Mountains {Mt. Washington Hotel Wedding} Brittany & Anthony

I am so.behind.on.blogging. Do you know why? TIME. I would rather be shooting and working hard for my Client’s on the back-end delivering their product (images) in a  timely fashion than writing. I was there,so were they, and their Guests: We all know it was an amazing, special day. This is in the top 3 of my favorite dress shots of all time…..Here is the proof: Thank you Brittany & Anthony. You were fun, relaxed, and so easy to photograph. Thank you! Congrats!

brittany-106 brittany-108 brittany-109 brittany-115

Ivy & Aster Floral Design…..——->brittany-114 brit-1036 brittany-102 brit-1137 brittany-113 brittany-100 brittany-105


Tuesday Elopement: Mt. Washington Hotel Wedding; Omni Mount Washington Resort: 2 Person Wedding. Creative NH Wedding Photography

I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED working with Amber and Chris at their Tuesday afternoon elopement. What a treat to be able to roam the Omni Mt.Washington Resort at a quieter time. I am so thankful to Amber & Chris for having me.  Thank you Amber & Chris…enjoy!
Amber-101 Amber-102 Amber-104 Amber-105 Amber-107 It’s not every day that the stage in the Grand Ballroom is empty…….Amber-110 Amber-111 Amber-113 Amber-115 Amber-117 Amber-119 Amber-120 Amber-122 I was in a reflective mood…..;)Amber-123 Amber-281 Amber-283 Amber-287



Mount Washington Hotel Wedding {Bretton Woods} St. Patricks Church, Bretton Woods NH Wedding

Jillian and Greg had a (Crystal Clear!) January Day for their wedding. Jillian was up for anything; my kind of Bride! She hiked through snow, and shot in 5 degree weather to take advantage of our gorgeous surroundings. Thanks to Jillian and Greg for having us! (Please scroll to the bottom for Jillian & Greg’s Album Design)!
Jillian-105 Jillian-116 Jillian-114

There wasn’t a single traditional flower at this wedding…….and look how brilliant it was. Jillian-112 Jillian-106 Jillian-119 Jillian-120 Jillian-108 Jillian-110 Jillian-109 Jillian-101 Night Shift rocked the house HARD!Jillian-100 Jillian-117

Please see Below for Jillian & Greg’s Album Design.

Cover 001 003 005 007 009 011 013 015 017 019 021 023 025 027 029



White Winter Wedding Bretton Woods, NH {Omni Mt. Washington Resort Winter Wedding}

Brit Final-629

It was a crystal clear day the beginning of December for Brittany & Chris. Brit Final-300 Brit Final-321 Brit Final-322 Ivy & Aster once again created the perfect florals for the day.Brit Final-329 Brit Final-377 Brit Final-368
Brit Final-456 Brit Final-418 Brit Final-462 Brit Final-505 Brit Final-513 The Conservatory was set-up so that near the end of the ceremony Guests could see  the sun start to set….Brit Final-521 Brit Final-524 Brit Final-582 Brit Final-593 - Copy Brit Final-597 Brit Final-621
Brit Final-668 Brit Final-695 Brit Final-706 Brit Final-708 Brit Final-731 Brit Final-738 Brit Final-748 Brit Final-752 Brit Final-779 Brit Final-795 Brit Final-818 Brit Final-929 Brit Final-959 Brit Final-982 Brit Final-1040 Brit Final-1064 Brit Final-1194 Brit Final-1208 Brit Final-1200


Mt. Washington Hotel Wedding: NH Columbus Day Weekend: NH Wedding Photography; Jewell Terrace Wedding Bretton Woods

October 10th is an awesome day to get married -we should know. We celebrated 11 years of wedded bliss at Julia & Steve’s wedding. It doesn’t get much better than this time of year in Bretton Woods, NH. The first dusting of snow fell the night prior, so the mix of the snow and foliage was epic. Julia (142 of 68)

Julia (143 of 68)

Isn’t Julia’s ring INSANE? In a good way! Super gorgeous bling. Julia (144 of 68)

Julia (100 of 68)

Always gorgeous florals by Sarah Severence at Ivy & Aster Floral Design. Julia (101 of 68)

Julia (105 of 68)

I’m not sure if there was a dry eye in the room when Julia’s dad came in. Julia (103 of 68)

Julia (134 of 68)

I knew everything was going to be fine because  Julia was marrying a red-head. 😉Julia (109 of 68)


Julia (106 of 68)

Seth got this awesome shot pre-ceremony of the guys. Julia (146 of 68)

Julia (107 of 68)

Julia (147 of 68)

Julia (148 of 68)

Julia (136 of 68)

Julia (110 of 68)

Julia (111 of 68)

Julia (113 of 68)

Julia’s made-of-honor performed a home-made rap during her toast…..I have to say I was extremely impressed!Julia (153 of 68)

Julia (151 of 68)

Steve’s brother did not want to be shown up so he and his girlfriend Cowboy’ed up!Julia (159 of 68)

Julia (163 of 68)

Julia (164 of 68)

Julia (166 of 68)

Julia (157 of 68)

Freestyle of the Wilson Stevens bands Rocked.the.House.Julia (139 of 68)

Julia (137 of 68)

Julia (115 of 68)

Julia (118 of 68)

Julia (120 of 68)

Julia (121 of 68)

Julia (122 of 68)

Julia (124 of 68)

Julia (128 of 68)

When you get a live guitar solo during the last song of the night to Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believing,” it looks like this. :)Julia (138 of 68)

Congrats to Julia & Steve!


Mt. Washington Hotel Wedding: South Veranda, Bretton Woods NH {Deanna & Scott}

It rained. And it didn’t bother us or Deanna & Scott one bit. So there rain! What a gorgeous day with such special people. And if you need motivation to hit the gym, look no further than Deanna. :) She is my hero. Deana (201 of 55) Deana (215 of 55) Deana (214 of 55) Deana (208 of 55) Deana (204 of 55) Deana (202 of 55) Deana (216 of 55) Deana (218 of 55) Deana (219 of 55) Deana (220 of 55) Deana (222 of 55) Deana (223 of 55) Deana (226 of 55) Deana (227 of 55) Deana (243 of 55) Deana (246 of 55) Deana (247 of 55) We made our own sunset as the clouds lifted. Deana (249 of 55) Deana (251 of 55) Deana (231 of 55) Deana (228 of 55) Deana (253 of 55)


Mt. Washington Hotel South Veranda Wedding {NH Wedding} Derick & Ali : Bretton Woods Wedding

I had a TON of fun planning the logistics of Derick & Ali’s Mt. Washington Hotel wedding with Ali’s Mom. We were in contact for almost a year before their big day. When we arrived Ali & Derick were both super gracious and friendly, both seemingly not nervous at all! We arrived to some gorgeous bouquets by Sarah Severence of Ivy & Aster Floral Design. 

Horta (100 of 50) Derick and his Groomsmen were clearly not nervous at all. They were all about having fun all day long – Derick had us in stitches.Horta (105 of 50) Horta (110 of 50) Derick & Ali definitely win the award for the shortest ceremony of the year :) It was still just perfect for the day. 
Horta (118 of 50) Horta (119 of 50)

Horta (117 of 50)

How amazing are these flowers by Sarah? Horta (127 of 50) Horta (128 of 50) Horta (129 of 50) Horta (130 of 50) Horta (136 of 50) Horta (138 of 50) Horta (140 of 50) Horta (143 of 50) Horta (147 of 50) Horta (149 of 50)Congratulations to Ali & Derick!



Mt. Washington Hotel Jewell Terrace Wedding with a *RAINBOW* for Mark & Lauren’s NH Wedding

I “met” Mark & Lauren just a few months before their wedding via Skype. Man I love Skype. We chatted about their wedding which was in the very early stages of planning while they were nestled in their Brooklyn Apartment. Mark & Lauren met while cycling on the Brooklyn Bridge; so their cake-topper will make sense when you see it. Both now math teachers in Brooklyn, Mark is a former Wall Street Executive and Lauren left the world of Management to become a Teacher. Their students are clearly very, very lucky. We bonded quickly with Mark over his love of skiing the White Mountains, and I know we will all connect this winter in the powder in the woods!Lauren (100 of 1) Me: “Lauren I found a really cool door with great light; want to walk up three flights of stairs?” LOVE this girl! Lauren (102 of 1) Lauren (104 of 1) More amazing flowers by Ivy & Aster Floral Design. Soft, muted and perfectly matched to the day. Lauren (106 of 1) Lauren (107 of 1) Lauren (108 of 1)

Oh when we arrived at the Hotel to get ready there was a major hail & electrical storm. Then the sun came out which creating a pretty amazing rainbow over Mark & Lauren’s ceremony site, the Jewell Terrace. Lauren (109 of 1) Lauren (110 of 1)



Mark’s father is a medicine man and he played this incredible 2-pronged wooden flute. Just beautiful.

Lauren Final (445 of 762)Lauren (113 of 1)

Father Larry Camerlin delivers the most wonderful ceremonies; he is versatile, and every ceremony is perfectly personalized. Lauren (114 of 1) Lauren (115 of 1) - Copy Its was HOT and BRIGHT but everyone wanted this image when the clouds cleared. Lauren (116 of 1) - Copy Lauren (119 of 1)


Lauren Final (655 of 762)Lauren Final (674 of 762)Lauren Final (756 of 762)Lauren Final (777 of 762)Mark was totally floored by the Grooms’ Cake Lauren had made for him. Lauren Final (809 of 762)Lauren Final (821 of 762)Lauren Final (920 of 762)Lauren Final (744 of 762)Congrats Lauren & Mark-we cannot wait to hook up this winter. Think Snow!




Mount Washington Hotel Wedding: {NH Weddings} Matt & Janette

A Family Affair….. (Please scroll below to see Janette & Matt’s Album Design).

We shot this lovely 35-person wedding this past Wednesday-what a treat! Jackpot weather, uncrowded vistas and grounds. A stunning day on the South Vernada  in the fresh mountain air celebrating the love of Janette & Matt! We were thrilled to be a part of it. :)Janette-108 Janette-112 Janette-107 Janette-105 Janette-117 Janette’s gorgeous bouquet is by Ivy & Aster Floral Design. Janette-118 Janette-133 Janette-132 Janette-136 Janette-138 Janette-140 Janette-120 Janette-123 Janette-131

Matt’s Family has a place on the “big lake” where I grew up so we quickly bonded over that. LOVED these pewter ornaments they gave as favors. Janette-124 Janette-104 Janette-101

I recently read an article in Yankee Magazine about this mural painted just above the Hallway to the right of the check-in desk. Mrs. Stickney, the wife of the original builder/owner of the Mt. Washington Hotel, would stand at this balcony and watch all of the Ladies come down the Grand Staircase to ensure she was the best dressed prior to entering the dining area.

While we spend quite a bit of time in this building, I am still exploring and discovering new secrets at every visit. Congrats to Matt & Janette!


Please See Below for Janette & Matt’s Album Design

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